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Stone Theatres offers two types of discount tickets: The Reel Discount ticket and the Premium Discount Ticket. Each of these tickets have specific rules associated with it.  Read descriptions carefully before choosing which to purchase.
Learn more about our Shipping & Return Policy.

stm reel discount tix 2023 5.5x2.125 48HR_349153_Tickets-Back.jpg
stm reel discount tix 2023 5.5x2.125 48HR_349153_Tickets-Front1_010819.jpg


-Sold only in packs of 50 Tickets (minimum order is 50)

-No Expiration date

-Each valid for one admission

-Restrictions: Typically unrestricted. On rare occasions films may be restricted beyond our control by the releasing studio.

-Not valid for special events.

-3D and PDX Features will require a surcharge upon redemption

-Non refundable, non-returnable and lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced.

Fast & Easy Using our HEARTLAND Secure Payment Processing Page

For customers who would like to pay with a physical check

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