Shipping and Return Policy

Gift Certificates and all discounts tickets are non-refundable, non-transferrable and will not be replaced if lost or stolen. These instruments are treated as a form a currency when redeemed at theatres. They DO NOT EXPIRE.

Gift Certificates only are treated like cash at the theatre and any un-used portion is returned in cash. For example if you have a $10 gift certificate and you buy something that is $8.00, $2.00 will be returned to the customer in cash. This rule is applicable in all transactions but additional gift certificates will not be redeemed or refunded purely for cash.

Discount Tickets- Please be very careful when purchasing discount tickets. These have specific rules associated with their redemption. Typically, these redemption guidelines are set by the studios and not by us. We must follow those contractual obligations. It is the responsibility of the person purchasing or gifting these instruments to inform the end user of these rules. The rules are clearly stated on each ticket type. Discount tickets are good for admission but please note that 3D engagements will still require an additional glass rental fee to be paid.

Orders placed on line are typically processed within 24 business hours. During the holidays and in most cases we are processing orders throughout the day and most orders will be filled the same day. It is our intention to ship as quickly as possible. If for some reason, we cannot, we will contact you and let you know. if you are in a hurry or have a specific question about your order, call us. We are happy to try and accommodate your requests when we can.

We do not ship to PO Boxes unless prior arrangements have been made.