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Shopper Tools

Stone Theatres in partnership with ARC Brand Marketing offers the following secret shopper program to interested shoppers:

The program is simple and works much like a discount ticket program. Shoppers registers and pay $65 to become a shopper for 1 year.

Your $65 gets you:
Eight (8) Movie Admission Passes (Value: $60.00)
Four (4) Ten Dollar Gift Certificates (Value $40.00)

Each quarter (January, April, July and October) you are shipped 1 packet containing: two movie admission passes, 1 Ten Dollar Gift certificate and an instruction sheet for the shop.

In return:
You must complete a YES or NO questionaire (25 questions with open areas for comments) online each quarter so that we can evaulate your experience and our manager training.

-See any movie you want
-Go any day of the week or time
-No Restrictions on passes except 3D or special events

Note: If you sign up in the middle of a quarter, your application and check will not be processed until the next quarter. Remember this when reconciling your bank statements as checks may take 30-90 days to clear.

This program is only available for select theatres. Locations under construction will be made available 30-60 days after Grand Opening.

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