Stone Theatres Re-Opening

Theatres Begin Re-Opening on Friday, August 28

8/28 OPENING - Redstone 14

8/28 OPENING - Grand 14


CLOSED - The Pointe 14

CLOSED - Millstone 14

CLOSED - Park West 14

CLOSED - Sun Valley 14


Safety Protocols

Our top priority is the health and safety of our guests and crew.

Stay Home if you are feeling
sick or have a fever.

Our staff is being screened daily as they arrive for work as we care about everyone's safety. Please also stay home if you have any symptoms or if any family members have COVID 19.

3 Theatre Seats between 
Please leave 3 seats between each party. Your party includes family members/ those living in the same household together.

As required by the state, every other row will be closed as we are only opening at 50% capacity.

Social Distancing
Please keep 6-8 ft. apart from those around you. Remember this is important to reduce the spread of the virus. Be respectful towards other people's space as you may not know how strong their immune systems are.


Credit/Debit Card Recommended

Please help us limit surface exposure by using credit/debit cards instead of cash. The use of cash increases the spread of germs, so we would appreciate it if you paid using your credit/debit card to keep things as clean as possible.

Wash Your Hands  

Please wash your hands often and be mindful of what all you touch. Sinks with soap can be found in each of the bathrooms, and we will be providing hand sanitizer stations located throughout the building.


Frequent surface cleaning will occur every 30-60 minutes, and we will be deep cleaning all areas each night. Auditoria will be sanitized after each screening to protect all guests who enter throughout the day.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are required until further notice. Please keep your face coverings on while walking around or using the restroom. Once you are seated for the movie, you may remove your face covering only while eating and drinking.

Non-compliant guests will be asked to leave but are welcome to return once they become compliant.

CONCESSION: Free refills have temporarily been suspended. Condiments are available upon request.  This will limit multiple hands on surface areas. 

These protocols have been put in place and are required by the state. We will be adjusting these safety protocols as requirements change.