Rear Window Captioning - RWC

The Rear Window captioning system (RWC) is a method for presenting, through captions, a transcript of the audio portion of a film in theatres for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

On the way into the theatre, patrons pick up a reflective plastic panel mounted on a flexible stalk. The panel sits in a seat cupholder. A large LED display is mounted on a rear wall that displays caption characters in mirror image. Viewers move the panels into position (usually below the movie screen) so they can read the reflected captions and watch the movie.

Descriptive Video Service - DVS

Descriptive Video Service (DVS) is a special audio service provided to blind or visually impaired patrons. On the way into the theatre, patrons can request a DVS player to listen to a specially recorded audio narration of the film. This DVS recording describes visual elements, facial expressions, scenery etc. which are important in understanding what is occuring at the time and elements that may be crucial to the plot as a whole.


GRAND 14, Myrtle Beach, SC

MILLSTONE 14, Fayetteville, NC


The Sun Valley 14 is the first in our chain to install RWC and DVS capabilities into all of our auditoriums. We believe this gives us more flexibility to offer this service with more films.

Please note that while we made the service available in all auditoriums, that not all films are supplied to us with the technology to offer it. Additionally, we have a limited supply of equipment for use by our customers. If you have a large group, call ahead for planning purposes. Also, please call ahead to double check that your desired film is available in DVS or RWC.