What about sound?

Prepare to be blown away. The DOLBY 7.1 Surround Digital System is the best in the marketplace, and specific placement of speakers, along with careful calibration techniques, makes any seat in the house an instant rocket ship. These speakers will pin you to your seat and fully immerse you into the experience. Side-by-side comparisons are very telling of the difference you will feel watching a film in PDX over any traditional movie house.

How to learn more about PDX?

Go see it for yourself! Seriously. We can use about a million adjectives to describe the differences in PDX and other systems but until you see it for yourself, you just won't know.

Where do you have PDX?

Sun Valley 14 in Indian Trail, NC and Park West 14 are currently the only locations with this technology. All new locations under construction are slated to have at least one auditorium installed. We may also build onto existing theatre sites as approved.

Here's what the staff and customers are saying about PDX.

"I was absolutely pinned to my seat when the that first sound from THE AVENGERS rumbled through the speakers. Really awesome."

"My kids really liked this and I thought the picture on the screen was brighter than what I have been used to."