Moviegoer Feedback Club

Thank you for your interest in the Moviegoer Feedback Discount Club. Here are the program details!

TAKE A MOMENT: Please read carefully to ensure this program is right for you and your movie-going habits.

Program Cost: $39.99  

Program Benefits: 9 Movie Tickets 

What is the Moviegoer Feedback Club?

The Moviegoer Feedback Club is a network of moviegoers like you who have elected to evaluate our theatres and our customer service while saving money on their favorite recreational activity. This group is limited to approximately 100 per theatre location. Once all the spots are taken, we will close registration.


How does the program work?

Each participant is asked to select a favorite theatre for the year. Once per quarter (4 times per year), a packet containing a Moviegoer Feedback Club Access Code and movie ticket passes are sent out from Spin Nest Marketing. You will have 6-8 weeks to visit your selected theatre and complete the 40-50 questions evaluation form online. The evaluation takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. You will be asked specifically to attend a movie and visit our concession stand. You will be asked questions about that visit and you will be asked to recall specifics such as the employee name, and other various details about the theatre cleanliness, and operations. No matter when you start, your membership will be in place for 1 year.


How much does the program cost?

To become a member, each participant will sign up and pay the Annual $39.99 club membership fee.


How is the club fee calculated?

Annual Club Membership is $39.99

(Average Ticket price $7.50) x 9 tickets: $67.50

That’s $39.99 for a value of over $60 at the theatre. Think of it as a discount program in exchange for your feedback.


What do I get for the $39.99?


•Upon acceptance, you will be sent a sign-up/welcome package which contains (1) movie pass and a link to your first questionnaire. The packet will contain instructions and information about upcoming packets. This initial packet is a great way to try the program and get used to the feedback questions. It is also a great way to discover your local theatre and start looking for name tags and other important details about a shop visit.


•Then, 4 times per year (once each quarter) you will be shipped (2) Passes/Tickets (These will get you and a friend in to see any movie. 3D & IMAX are excluded from this program and an additional charge is required for these features). You will also receive an access code and instructions for the quarterly feedback survey.


•Occasionally, throughout the year, there may be bonus tickets or bonus offers exclusively for club members. For example, we typically offer savings on gift cards, holiday gifts and other special events.


That’s (9) nine movie tickets for $39.99  ($27+ savings from regular admission prices)

What are the requirements for participation?

In order to participate, you will commit to one year and pay a fee of $39.99. This ensures your commitment to the program and you will receive back over $67 in tickets in return over the year. You will be required to select one theatre to evaluate and that will be your assigned theatre for the year.


You must not be related to an employee of Stone Theatres or Spin Nest Marketing. This is the number one rule of the program. Any participant that is found to be abusing the program on behalf of an employee will be immediately dismissed from the Moviegoer Feedback Club without a refund and the employee will be subject to termination.


You will be required to visit the theatre of your choice and you may select any film you wish to see. You will also be asked to complete the evaluation at home online in an objective manner. Please do not take copies of the evaluation form into the theatre.


You are required to remain anonymous at the theatre. You should never reveal yourself as a Club member. Should you do this, your membership will be terminated without refund.


You will be required to visit the concession stand so that you may evaluate the concession stand practices and up-sell techniques. VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not normally visit the concession stand, this program may not be for you. You may order anything that you like but we will ask you to try ordering a medium size to evaluate if you are asked to upgrade. At any point once you have made the order and made the evaluation, you may change your order and acquire what you like. For example: We may ask you to order medium popcorn & a medium soft drink. The employee should ask you if you if you would like to upgrade to a large. At that point, you may decide to get a small or go with a large item or frankly order anything else you might like to have. We are simply looking for the employee to attempt an up-sell or suggestive sell. We certainly do not want to force you to order items that you would not eat otherwise.


You will be required to evaluate the theatre in a complete manner. Often this will mean that you need to arrive at the theatre just a few minutes earlier than you normally would to see a movie. You will be asked to evaluate the entire experience from box office to post-presentation. You will be asked for the name of the person who helped you. Your evaluations are being used as tools for our managers and staff to improve their service and earn points that affect their compensation.

It is important that you use good judgment and objective views during your evaluation. It is also important that you report accurately the experience and give a fair evaluation. Keep in mind that everything cannot be perfect but report items that really stand out to you. Also, at any time we may call you to follow-up on a specific comment you may have made in your evaluation. Occasionally, we will need to clarify or confirm reports. We may also ask you to specifically look for something that we feel is a special concern at that particular theatre location.


How many people in my household can participate?

Only one person per household may participate. We give you two movie tickets each quarter so you can certainly take a spouse or child with you on your visit. It is important though that only one person fill out the form so that it will remain consistent. Feel free to consult with your movie going partner on their experience if needed.


How old do you have to be to participate?

You must be at least 18 years old to participate


What if I do not like this program and wish to quit?

After you have received 5 or more tickets, no refund or compensation will be allowed.


What if I select a theatre and then wish to change to another?

Once you have selected a theatre, you will be assigned to that theatre for one year. You may change locations when you renew. If you move out of the market into another area that we have locations, you can transfer your membership by calling our office. If you move to an area that does not have a Stone Theatre, you will need to contact our office for information on refunds based on program status.


Can I be cancelled from the program by Stone Theatres or Spin Nest Marketing?

Yes. If you fail to submit an evaluation, you will be sent a second attempt packet on the next quarterly cycle. After two attempts, you will be disqualified and no refund will be issued. Certainly, extenuating circumstances will be considered.  Also, if you are found to be associated with or working in conjunction with any member of a theatre team, you will be disqualified without refund and the employee will be subject to termination.


How long can I participate?

The minimum commitment is one year. Participants who submit their evaluations and evaluate objectively will be offered an option to renew their membership annually. To be offered renewal, you must answer questions completely and accurately.


Am I an employee of Stone Theatres or Spin Nest Marketing?

No. As a member of the Club, you are simply participating in a patron program and are not considered an employee.

If I have questions, do not understand the online form or have an extreme service issue to discuss, what do I do?

You should email us. We can help you through the evaluation form or address immediate concerns. There are open sections on the form you can use to note items that are not listed on the question portion. You must never reveal your membership to theatre staff.


Web-Based Program

This program is web based. You will be asked to complete your evaluation forms online. You must have internet access to participate.


What is the program schedule?

Your welcome packet will be mailed within 2 weeks of program acceptance. Then, 1 packet (instructions and 2 tickets) will be mailed each quarter. Packets will be mailed at various dates during these time frames below. If you miss a cycle when signing up...your 1st shop will come on the next available cycle.

Sign up between Oct 2-December 31= 1st Qtr January  (This cycle will ship in January 2020)

Sign up between Jan 2 - March 30= 2nd Qtr April

Sign up between April 2 - June 30= 3rd Qtr July

Sign up between July 2- September 30= 4th Qtr October


Ok, I have read everything above & I am interested in the feedback do I sign up?

To sign up, click here. This will take you to our registration window. Once accepted, you will receive a link for payment and further instructions.


Ok, I still have questions!!

That's fine. Just send our feedback club manager an email, and she will respond quickly to answer your questions. EMAIL US


Remember- we only allow a select number of shoppers per location. Once a theatre is full, it will be removed from our list of theatres in the application form.