Stone Theatres Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is $1.00 to join and you will receive automatically 5 points on your card. Be sure to ask for one on your next visit.

Rules & Guidelines

Your card must be presented at the time of purchase before you pay. Loyalty points cannot be manually recorded, so be sure you have your card out and ready before the transaction. You must have the card with you to log points. The free movie ticket voucher that generates after 100 points is good for 1 year from the date printed. The customer may choose when to use their free voucher. Cards that are lost or stolen cannot be replaced. Multiple loyalty cards cannot be combined. Loyalty points are not awarded on purchase of gift cards or discount tickets.

In calculating points, purchases that total an uneven amount such as $1.50 or $1.75 will round up to 2 points.

You do not have to register your card for it to be active. If you wish to check your points level though, you will need to use the form to the right to do so.